The Hotel

The Hotel

Haunted Attraction

Opening again on October 6 with ALL NEW frights!

Ghost Tours

Paranormal Investigations

Join us as we conduct private paranormal ghost investigations and reported paranormal activity at the historic Garrett Hotel. All tours will incorporate the use of EMF meters, spirit box, and other paranormal detection tools. No two tours are ever the same. Your tour could be anything from mild to wild. We've even had a few guests whose tour became so intense that they couldn't even finish! Will you encounter the otherworldly residents during your experience?

Psychic Readings

Connect With Spirits

Having a psychic reading done can be fun and exciting, and can reveal a lot about yourself. Your private reading will be performed by one of our natural born experienced psychic mediums here at the historic Garrett Hotel. All of our psychics have natural abilities to communicate with spirits and spiritual guides from the other side, many of which have specific messages and validating information to communicate to our clients.