The Hotel: Haunted Attraction

Better than Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios
I am a Floridian who lives in NC now, I've been to Universal Halloween Horror for 13 plus years and I'm 52 yrs old, I have never been as scared as I was at The Hotel. I will return for all the scare events at this location. Staff was great and the haunted house itself was perfect.
Best haunted attraction I've been to in NC
I've never felt the need to review a place but these guys are something else! I go to haunted houses a lot so the whole jump scare shtick doesn't get me too often and they definitely made up for that by actually interacting with me and not being statues after popping out. Every single actor was pretty detailed and scary and just really cool people as well.
Worth Every Penny
I accidentally stumbled upon this haunted house. I have been to haunted houses in VA Beach and Busch Gardens and they are not as intense as The Hotel.
Heart Pounding scary!!!
I literally thought I was gonna have a heart attack. There was so much I wasn’t prepared for. The scariest experience of my life!
Awesome Scare of a Time
Did not know what to expect. It was a great time! Will definitely make this an annual event. Can't wait till next year!
Top notch
Guys! This haunt is amaaaazing! The cast did an incredible job!!! The set up is so awesome! Highly, highly recommend!!
Amazing Haunt
The Hotel is fraught with the types of unexpected scares that make a Haunt worthwhile. Around every corner, something (or someone!) unanticipated awaits in this terrifyingly real mashup. Whether as a group or as a solitary VIP experience, The Hotel delivers on the expectations of a haunted attraction, and then some. Very much worth the ticket price! To miss out on this Haunt would be akin to missing out on the best seasonal attraction for hundreds of miles!
Well worth the investment
Love everything about this haunt from all the jump scares to the attention to detail through the whole thing including costumes and makeup
Great Job!
Everyone did such a great job, they played their parts well! I went 2 different nights and both times I was scared senseless! They changed things up a bit each time so the experience is not the same twice. I will definitely be going back next year!
Absolutely amazing!!!
It was way better than great!! This crowd has done things up RIGHT!!! Interactive and creepy. The guides are phenomenal!! I really hope they continue this and make it a Halloween tradition! Honestly the scare/creepy factor is the best I've seen in years!!!!!
One of the best!
One of the best haunted houses I’ve been through (and I’ve been through a lot!). Great props, great actors, excellent theme, cool special effects, make-up was off the chain - just an all around scary awesome time!

Ghost Tours

Best haunted attraction in NC
I haven't done the haunted house, but tonight my husband and I did the ghost tour in the Garrett Hotel. Now for the past 7 years we have done EVERY haunted attraction in our area within an hour(ish) drive. This year we decided to branch out, when my husband suggested this ghost tour I was skeptical (it was a 90 mile drive) I assumed it was going to be a mediocre "haunted hotel" with speakers playing voices/knocks and light projected "spirits" BOY WAS I WRONG! This was hands down not only the coolest Halloween experience I've ever had, but probably one of the coolest experiences in general! The owner and the crew are awesome, the actual tour I won't speak much about as I don't want to set expectations as each experience will be unique. I would gladly make the trip again and plan on checking out their other attractions!
We did the Ghost Tour and was the best I have been on to date. The entire staff went above and beyond. One of a kind experience at the historic Garrett hotel!
Highly recommended!
Went tonight for the ghost tour. I am a believer in the paranormal and honestly wasn't sure what to expect. But there is definitely still residents in the hotel. Truly an amazing experience. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the tour. Definitely will be back.
When they say this place is haunted, they aren't joking!
Went there on Nov. 7th for their last tour of the season. Took my daughter and her friend. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I thought this was going to be their crew doing scares to make us believe it was really haunted. I didn't really disbelieve in paranormal activity, but didn't necessarily believe either, since I've never experienced anything to confirm it. Let me tell you...... I'm a firm believer now!

When they say this place is haunted and they always have seen activity with their tour, they aren't joking. Saw, felt, heard and smelled things that are still making the hairs on my arm stand up! What a great experience! Cannot wait to do this again. I'm pretty sure my daughter and her friend are not going to be able to sleep tonight.... Also, pretty sure I'm already smelling some burning sage as my daughter is "cleansing" our house as I write this.

Truly an amazing experience!
Went tonight for the ghost tour. I am a believer in the paranormal and honestly wasn't sure what to expect. But there is definitely still residents in the hotel. I HIGHLY recommend checking out the tour. Definitely will be back.
Highly highly recommend!!
Staff was amazing and went above and beyond to make sure we had a fun, spooky night. Will definitely be returning!
It's awesome!
If looking for a real experience, you have to go!!
First ghost tour
First ghost tour I've been in and it was AMAZING I didn't want to leave. The crew were nice and entertaining and using the tools to help identify paranormal activity was fun and creepy. Highly recommend.

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